The network: A treasure trove of information

The network: A treasure trove of information

The ready-made Cisco Connected Analytics solutions tie intelligence to infrastructure for very specific use cases.

Amidst the scuttle to collect and mine data from new sources like sensors and social media, a treasure trove of information—the enterprise network—is sometimes overlooked. Leave it to Cisco to shed light on these valuable but often “dark” assets.

“People think of Cisco as a hardware company,” says Scott Bergquist, the company’s senior director of Connected Analytics. “But we’ve developed some powerful software and services that are based on 25 years of network innovation and leadership.”

He’s referring to the Cisco® Connected Analytics solutions, which tie intelligence to infrastructure for new, network-based insights. Compared to other big data search and analytics engines that are broad in nature, Connected Analytics are ready-made software solutions designed for very specific use cases.

Pushing data
“There is too much data moving too fast across a network environment to push it all to a centralized repository,” Bergquist explains. “So we push analytics to the data to derive valuable insights in real time, while also serving up metrics and data to downstream applications and engines. In essence, we bring clickstream-type analytics to the hardware platform.”

Purchased independently or as a service, Connected Analytics packages are available for:

  • Network deployment
  • Collaboration
  • Contact center
  • Service providers
  • Retail
  • Events
  • Mobility
  • Threat analytics

All of them provide analytics—at the network edge in real time or in the data center—for faster insights and decisions.

“If a company has a data lake or analytics engine, we can add data and value to that environment,” says Bergquist. “And we can also solve very specific challenges and provide high-value intelligence, whether it’s for a contact center or a retail environment.”

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