Mobility and BYOD

Mobility is becoming a common business practice, further enabling BYOD. Learn why a solid, secure mobile strategy should be top of mind so you can provide top-notch experiences for employees and customers alike.

Protecting users and data beyond the firewall

With the rise of cloud-based applications, organizations are finding new ways to secure devices and data that are off the corporate network.

Easier, better security with microsegmentation

How group-based policy automation simplifies and fortifies security throughout a data center and beyond.

The emergence of the mobile cloud

Industry analyst and AT&T executives discuss the increased alignment between mobile and cloud technologies.

Financial lender adopts Desktop as a Service

JMAC Lending is freeing its mobile sales force and securing its customer data.

Sowing the seeds of collaboration

How Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated is improving the collective efficiency of its workforce.

Enabling clinicians to move with the pace of care

How a London-based healthcare provider is supporting business and clinical priorities with advanced information and communications (ICT) technology.


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