Big Data

Mobility, wireless, and the Internet of Everything (IoE) trends are not just making waves in our information systems—they're causing tsunamis of data. See which technologies others are using to face the flood of data, and what our experts suggest.

Big data analytics driving healthcare transformation

With an integrated, automated, massively scalable Vscale Architecture, Inovalon is helping the healthcare industry transition from volume to value.

Process visibility informs business, technology decisions

After years of dramatic growth, Molina Healthcare is leveraging big data to gain better visibility of its business processes and the technologies that support them.

Business agility, beyond the hype

With a flexible, powerful technology infrastructure and a willingness to evolve, Lifescript is finding success through adaptation.

Full visibility: All infrastructure, all applications, all data

In mapping and recording a distributed IT environment, Cisco Tetration Analytics provides visibility and telemetry data across every application and infrastructure component.

The hospitality industry regains control

With Wi-Fi-based location tracking and analytics, hotels are rebuilding their relationship with guests.

Using machine data to improve IT troubleshooting

How log files and other machine data can help boost the health and performance of an application environment.

The big data inflection point

How companies are advancing and scaling their big data systems and capabilities.

Self-service data preparation speeds up analytics, insights

How self-service tools put the power of analytics into the hands of business users.

Integrated tools support big data evolution

Why companies need tools that can evolve alongside their big data capabilities and objectives.

Going deep with consumer analytics

With a depth and breadth of consumer information and a powerful platform to process it, Quantium is realizing the true potential of big data.

IT in reverse?

Turning traditional IT methods on their head to maximize the value of big data.

Integrating big data capabilities with enterprise systems

How CenturyLink is combining, analyzing, and monetizing its abundance of data resources.

New processors designed for real-time analytics, Hadoop encryption

Through product enhancements and collaborative efforts, Intel and Cloudera are accelerating big data innovation.

Prominent cities tapping big data

With the help of World Wide Technology, one of the largest cities in the United States is identifying big data opportunities and formulating a strategy for success.

Becoming a data-driven business

With the help of Platfora’s Big Data Discovery Platform, Cisco WebEx is becoming more efficient and improving the quality of its products and services.

MapR executive: Architecture matters

Big data success demands a data layer, application layer, and hardware platform that all work in concert.

The network: A treasure trove of information

The ready-made Cisco Connected Analytics solutions tie intelligence to infrastructure for very specific use cases.

Easing the transition to Hadoop

Virtualization and automation software can greatly reduce the time, complexity, and risk of offloading processing and storage from data warehouses to Hadoop.

Murky waters: Clearing the confusion surrounding data lakes

Industry insiders define and discuss the emergence of data lakes.

Reconsidering data virtualization

It’s been said that data virtualization is less relevant with the explosion of big data platforms that can accommodate massive quantities and various types of information. Data experts at Cisco patently disagree.

Benchmarking big data

The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) launched TPCx-HS in 2014. The first—and to date, the only—vendor-neutral, industry standard big data benchmark, TPCx-HS measures the price, performance, and energy consumption of big data systems like Hadoop.

Big data on-ramps

The race is on. Industry experts explain the road ahead and how to start your big data engines.

How databases have changed

Exploring the evolution of database technologies and the immense value to be found within big data.

Collaborating on a massive scale

Asite’s cloud-based collaboration platform offers savings and security for huge building projects.

Building a big data collaboration center

Telepresence, collaboration, and big data technologies are being combined to create a shared space for business insights, decisions.

Faster analytics for the consumer packaged goods market

SPINS is tapping the latest big data technologies to grow its business.

Big data, big business

By analyzing its partner data, Cisco identified $40 million in new service opportunities.

Big data versus fast data

Why the speed of data analytics can be just as valuable as the quantity of data being analyzed.

Automating big data workloads

A new workload automation solution provides built-in adapters to Hadoop, Sqoop, Hive, and business applications.

Transforming service delivery with big data

Why a managed security services provider is betting heavily on the promise of big data.

Big data, big changes

Leaning on bundled solutions, reference architectures, and proven expertise to achieve big data success.


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