Improving agility without hindering security

Ameritas is using a software-defined network to boost the speed—and protection—of its business.

Network integration and policy federation, everywhere

IDC analyst Brad Casemore discusses the alignment of multiple data centers and cloud environments to support globally distributed business operations.

Big data analytics driving healthcare transformation

With an integrated, automated, massively scalable Vscale Architecture, Inovalon is helping the healthcare industry transition from volume to value.

Process visibility informs business, technology decisions

After years of dramatic growth, Molina Healthcare is leveraging big data to gain better visibility of its business processes and the technologies that support them.

The new enterprise rock stars

With the rise of application development, infrastructure teams must find new ways to support and enable their software counterparts.

Business agility, beyond the hype

With a flexible, powerful technology infrastructure and a willingness to evolve, Lifescript is finding success through adaptation.

Software-defined architecture supports multiple business entities

Boys Town, a century-old nonprofit serving at-risk youth, has implemented a powerful core backbone to drive diverse, nationwide operations.

Nonprofit taps virtual desktops, mobile apps

Hyperconverged systems and real-time data are helping City Harvest bring more food to New Yorkers in need.

Infrastructure automation requires data visibility

How Cisco IT is streamlining its transition to a software-defined, zero-trust application environment.

The business case for data center automation

According to Forrester, the three-year, risk-adjusted value of Cisco UCS Director is $2.3 million.

Evolution of the data center

Next-generation data centers deliver the agility and simplicity of the public cloud with the security and control of on-premises systems.

Hyperconverged infrastructure = hyper efficient operations

BluePearl Veterinary Partners standardized on Cisco HyperFlex Systems to boost the efficiency of its IT staff—and its business.

Protecting users and data beyond the firewall

With the rise of cloud-based applications, organizations are finding new ways to secure devices and data that are off the corporate network.

Finding the right home for your applications

Infrastructure-agnostic modeling tools improve application placement, management, and portability.

Easier, better security with microsegmentation

How group-based policy automation simplifies and fortifies security throughout a data center and beyond.

Full visibility: All infrastructure, all applications, all data

In mapping and recording a distributed IT environment, Cisco Tetration Analytics provides visibility and telemetry data across every application and infrastructure component.

Cisco ACI App Center takes shape

Openness and programmability have always been hallmarks of Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™). And never before have they been more evident.

Raising the IQ of a metropolis

How China’s City Cloud Technology is turning Hangzhou into a smart city.

The hospitality industry regains control

With Wi-Fi-based location tracking and analytics, hotels are rebuilding their relationship with guests.

Using machine data to improve IT troubleshooting

How log files and other machine data can help boost the health and performance of an application environment.

The big data inflection point

How companies are advancing and scaling their big data systems and capabilities.

Self-service data preparation speeds up analytics, insights

How self-service tools put the power of analytics into the hands of business users.

Integrated tools support big data evolution

Why companies need tools that can evolve alongside their big data capabilities and objectives.

Going deep with consumer analytics

With a depth and breadth of consumer information and a powerful platform to process it, Quantium is realizing the true potential of big data.

IT in reverse?

Turning traditional IT methods on their head to maximize the value of big data.

Integrating big data capabilities with enterprise systems

How CenturyLink is combining, analyzing, and monetizing its abundance of data resources.

An automated cloud concierge

The recent acquisition of CliQr Technologies by Cisco will simplify the deployment and management of applications across hybrid IT environments.

Integrating and virtualizing global contact centers

How Etihad Airways is delivering a first-class customer experience in 16 languages across 40 countries.

Managing distributed operations and assets from the cloud

Why mining and tunneling contractor Procon has adopted a cloud-based ERP system.

Cloud for Compliance

To meet Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and facilitate ongoing business expansion, CECO Environmental has placed its accounting and ERP systems in the cloud.

Re-engineering the customer experience

Industry experts describe the changing nature of customer service and how cloud-based contact centers are helping deliver frictionless experiences.

Measuring, optimizing cloud utilization

After identifying the cloud services being utilized by its employees, CityMD is taking steps to maintain compliance and boost application performance.

The new Industrial Revolution

How cloud technologies are helping both established brands and budding companies transform and grow their business.

From connectivity to business enablement

Rogers Communications is utilizing the cloud to expand its services portfolio and deliver more business value to its customers.

Taking warehousing and distribution to new heights

How the cloud is helping one fulfillment company eschew longstanding norms and create new digital offerings for its customers.

Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure at the one-year mark

Cisco Senior Vice President Soni Jiandani and other industry insiders discuss the swift and broad adoption of a breakthrough software-defined networking architecture.

Taking retail customer experience to the next level

How women’s fashion brand Talbots is transforming its multichannel customer service with a cloud-based contact center solution.

Building a data center around an application architecture

With a software-defined network as the hub of a new data center, Bowling Green State University is easing infrastructure maintenance and streamlining application delivery.

Boosting cloud integration, automation

Pulsant is using Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure and F5 Device Package to give its customers greater choice and integration.

A more efficient workspace

Research shows that designing workspaces around activities, not traditional corporate structures, pays off in better productivity.

Manufacturing leader pursues digital transformation

How Siam City Cement PCL is boosting operational efficiency, enhancing the customer experience, and creating differentiation in a mature market.

The best of both cloud worlds

Using OpenStack technologies, companies can get the speed and simplicity of public cloud services with the control and security of a private cloud.

F5 Networks and Citrix extend Cisco ACI to L4-L7

Pushing policy control to the network’s upper layers.

Q&A: Cisco's cloud strategy and initiatives

The Intercloud, Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI), Cisco Metapod (formerly Metacloud), and a host of cloud-based partners and services are key spokes in the Cisco cloud strategy. Paula Dowdy (pictured), senior vice president of cloud, software, and managed services at Cisco, sat down with Unleashing IT to explain how they fit together, and how they help modern enterprises.

The birth of a “Smart Enterprise”

How global technology firm KPIT is transforming its operations, from employee recruiting and collaboration to customer engagement and support.

How the cloud improves IT security

Cisco’s new security chief discusses the company’s efforts to embed “security everywhere.”

Competing with public cloud titans

Why large-scale cloud providers should be concerned about West Virginia’s Alpha Technologies.

Fast, enterprise-class cloud migration

With the help of CDW and Peak 10, Rayonier Advanced Materials placed its entire IT environment in the cloud—in less than five months.

Software leaders embracing infrastructure automation

Application experts from Apprenda, CliQr, DataTorrent, and Vnomic explain why they have integrated their solutions with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure.

Blind spots: Quantifying and optimizing public cloud usage

How IT organizations can regain visibility and control of public cloud consumption within their company.

Helping government agencies move to the cloud

How an eGovernment pioneer is increasing the speed and efficiency of service delivery.

Cloud services leave spin-off primed for growth

When Cameron LNG spun off from Sempra Energy in 2014, the clock was already ticking. With just six months to sever all back office ties—including the phone system and IT network—the liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter needed to be innovative.

Utilizing a global cloud network

With the help of iland and Cisco, Holtzbrinck Publishing Group is tapping into the Intercloud—a globally connected network of clouds.

New processors designed for real-time analytics, Hadoop encryption

Through product enhancements and collaborative efforts, Intel and Cloudera are accelerating big data innovation.

Prominent cities tapping big data

With the help of World Wide Technology, one of the largest cities in the United States is identifying big data opportunities and formulating a strategy for success.

Becoming a data-driven business

With the help of Platfora’s Big Data Discovery Platform, Cisco WebEx is becoming more efficient and improving the quality of its products and services.

MapR executive: Architecture matters

Big data success demands a data layer, application layer, and hardware platform that all work in concert.

The network: A treasure trove of information

The ready-made Cisco Connected Analytics solutions tie intelligence to infrastructure for very specific use cases.

Easing the transition to Hadoop

Virtualization and automation software can greatly reduce the time, complexity, and risk of offloading processing and storage from data warehouses to Hadoop.

Murky waters: Clearing the confusion surrounding data lakes

Industry insiders define and discuss the emergence of data lakes.

Reconsidering data virtualization

It’s been said that data virtualization is less relevant with the explosion of big data platforms that can accommodate massive quantities and various types of information. Data experts at Cisco patently disagree.

Benchmarking big data

The Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) launched TPCx-HS in 2014. The first—and to date, the only—vendor-neutral, industry standard big data benchmark, TPCx-HS measures the price, performance, and energy consumption of big data systems like Hadoop.

Big data on-ramps

The race is on. Industry experts explain the road ahead and how to start your big data engines.

Financing the cloud

How Extrinsica Global and Fusion Networks are taking advantage of Cisco Capital financing to build and grow their cloud portfolios.

Choosing the right cloud model

Options, considerations, and advice for deploying and maximizing private cloud technologies.

Reliability translates to superior technology at Purdue

By choosing a simple, reliable cloud communications solution, Purdue University has improved web collaboration services for students, faculty, and staff.

The emergence of the mobile cloud

Industry analyst and AT&T executives discuss the increased alignment between mobile and cloud technologies.

Fire ignites cloud journey at Parker Hudson

Boutique law firm finds DR efficiency in hosted service from Windstream.

Cisco Validated Designs: Blueprints for success

Piecing together a technology infrastructure—including compute, network, and storage systems, along with management and application software—is a complex process. Fortunately, there are blueprints that can help.

Giving time back to the IT department

How Purdue Pharma has shifted its focus from IT maintenance to business enablement.

Getting out of the best-of-breed world

How Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center replaced an aging technology infrastructure and moved to the forefront of medical research.

Navigating the federal cloud

Moving workloads to the cloud is more than a lift and shift exercise to cut costs. It’s a total makeover that requires a trusted partner.

Fertilizing business growth

Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers uses new integrated infrastructure to support ongoing growth and agricultural research.

The value of pre-integrated, pre-validated infrastructure

Removing the time, cost, and headache of data center integration and management.

Remaking education infrastructure for the future

Cloud-based telephony brings a rural school district 21st-century services—and 28 percent savings.

Rising above the Alaskan wilderness

Starting with desktops, Usibelli Coal Mine is putting its technology resources in the cloud.

Virtual desktops increase productivity, sales

U.S. Auto Sales’ business is booming thanks in part to a variety of cloud services.

U.K. cloud provider goes small…in a big way

Sipsynergy’s robust collaboration platform offers a leg up to the United Kingdom's numerous small businesses.

Easing the transition to the cloud

Using workload migration automation software, Dimension Data is working to remove the pain often associated with cloud migrations.

Hosted architecture sets the stage for future innovation

Leading European grain processor eyes real-time pricing with IoT.

The federal cloud dilemma

Why government agencies need to look beyond short-term benefits when making cloud decisions.

Piloting cloud services

CIOs take their cue from the evolution of flight.

Consolidating an inter-branch telephony platform will pay dividends

Distributor Canadian Specialty Metals looks to cloud-based solution for savings and new features.

Balancing CapEx and OpEx

Cloud-based infrastructure allows a spinoff biologics company to focus on business opportunities, not technology.

SQL Server 2014: Tuned for applications, business intelligence, hybrid cloud

With SQL Server 2005 nearing the end of its support lifecycle and more companies using the cloud for data storage and backup, many are looking into the latest version of Microsoft’s popular data platform. According to database experts, there’s a lot to like about SQL Server 2014.

Flexing the muscle of a data center

With one of Argentina’s most advanced data centers, Provincia Net is delivering new services to an expanding customer base.

How databases have changed

Exploring the evolution of database technologies and the immense value to be found within big data.

Workload optimization from day one

For Australia’s Swinburne University of Technology, a stable and predictable data center is key to the university’s learning environment—and its reputation.

A model of civic possibility

With a standardized infrastructure and service-driven model, King County has aligned its departments and IT resources in support of its citizens.

Removing the time and cost of data center integration

Industry experts discuss the value of pre-integrated, pre-validated infrastructure solutions.

Single pane of glass: Myth or reality?

Industry leaders discuss the increased integration and orchestration among infrastructure management tools.

Closing the networking infrastructure generation gap

Symantec is bullish about how the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure centralized automation system and self-service functionality can save it time and manpower while increasing security.

Reducing the reliance on the public cloud

To reduce costs and improve data security, marketing analytics firm Acxiom is bringing public cloud capabilities to its own data center.

Open standards for interoperability

Built on open source tools, open standards, and open APIs, the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure can be utilized in a wide range of environments.

Speeding up software development

According to research from analyst Zeus Kerravala, the software development process can be 40 to 50 percent faster by consolidating development and infrastructure operations.

Horizontal abstraction: The data center in a single view

Luke Kanies, founder of automation software vendor Puppet Labs, believes that a single abstraction—and the visibility it will provide—is necessary in the application-centric world.

Applications are the “lifeblood of business”

Managing applications, not infrastructure, is key to remaining relevant—and staying in business.

Soni Jiandani explains Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure

Cisco Senior Vice President of marketing Soni Jiandani breaks down what Cisco ACI is, why it's necessary, and what it will bring to customers.

Finding trust and confidence in someone else’s cloud

Cisco Powered cloud and managed service providers deliver unparalleled capabilities and support, backed by rigorous certification and third-party audits.

Collaborating on a massive scale

Asite’s cloud-based collaboration platform offers savings and security for huge building projects.

Technology professionals step up to STEM the gap

In the face of a looming shortfall of science, technology, engineering, and math graduates, Cisco employees are embracing a bold challenge to excite students about career possibilities.

Adapting to an evolving healthcare environment

With a new technology infrastructure, Mountain States Health Alliance is connecting with more people and entities—and having a larger regional impact.

From sensor data to business insights

Whether they come from devices, people, or processes, a new wave of sensing capabilities is creating a wealth of business value—and fueling the Internet of Everything.

Avoiding IT obsolescence

How the IT department at Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated has monetized its services and given business groups a larger stake in decision making.

Network infrastructure titan creates multi-purpose data center

CommScope has established a state-of-the-art data center that doubles as a research facility and sales tool.

Building a big data collaboration center

Telepresence, collaboration, and big data technologies are being combined to create a shared space for business insights, decisions.

Faster analytics for the consumer packaged goods market

SPINS is tapping the latest big data technologies to grow its business.

Dynamic infrastructure for financial services

CAP COM Federal Credit Union adopts a modular IT infrastructure that supports business change and growth.

Compliance in the cloud

One of the world’s largest online manufacturing marketplaces is getting help to meet a variety of regulatory requirements and industry standards.

An unlikely software-as-a-service provider

Children’s Bureau of Southern California is advancing its mission with the help of a hosting and compliance partner.

Financial lender adopts Desktop as a Service

JMAC Lending is freeing its mobile sales force and securing its customer data.

Outsourcing IT to relieve pressure—on a number of fronts

With the help of a trusted managed services provider, Design Group is continuing to grow and flourish, even while everything else is stalling.

Sowing the seeds of collaboration

How Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated is improving the collective efficiency of its workforce.

Measuring the effectiveness of data center investments

Utilizing capital efficiency, a method for quantifying the value of every dollar invested in the data center.

Cloud delivers “wake-up call” to IT organizations

Industry leaders weigh in on the disruptive nature of the cloud, and the opportunity for IT organizations to become higher-value service brokers.

Big data, big business

By analyzing its partner data, Cisco identified $40 million in new service opportunities.

Big data versus fast data

Why the speed of data analytics can be just as valuable as the quantity of data being analyzed.

Automating big data workloads

A new workload automation solution provides built-in adapters to Hadoop, Sqoop, Hive, and business applications.

Transforming service delivery with big data

Why a managed security services provider is betting heavily on the promise of big data.

Big data, big changes

Leaning on bundled solutions, reference architectures, and proven expertise to achieve big data success.

APIs at the heart of banking innovation

Capital One is using application programming interfaces (APIs) to “re-imagine the way customers interact with their money.”

Considering IT in mergers and acquisitions

Why IT executives and specialists should have a seat at the table before deals are signed.

Consolidation, virtualization create service opportunities

How Red Door Spa is balancing a high-volume business with a service-oriented philosophy.

Putting medical software in the cloud

Why Park Place International sees the cloud as a natural extension of its onsite technology services.

The new API economy

Why APIs are emerging from the technical weeds and becoming an influential business tool.

Betting on the cloud

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Casinos’ data center and cloud strategies has created a “triangle of resiliency” and new customer and community support opportunities.

Transformation via collaboration

Dignity Health is unifying its infrastructure and communications to improve patient care.

Regaining control of enterprise data

Industry experts discuss the growing value of Master Data Management solutions and practices.

Embracing change for the good of well-being

Moving from reactive to proactive, with health and technology.

Innovating for leverage: Medtronic achieves world-class IT efficiency

Using a virtual workload platform to speed IT provisioning and improve time to market.

Getting real with ROI

How to build a business case for technology change, and turn IT investments into cash flows.

Global standardization for local innovation

How reference architectures, wireless mesh, and collaboration tools can improve field operations.

IT as rapid responder for business growth

If you want your IT department to serve as a rapid responder, you need to provide agility. At KEMET, a consolidated data center, new server platform and transformed infrastructure are doing just that.

Enabling clinicians to move with the pace of care

How a London-based healthcare provider is supporting business and clinical priorities with advanced information and communications (ICT) technology.


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